Established in 2009 by British furniture designer-maker Andrew Dominic and his South African wife Susie. We are a team of highly skilled craftsmen with workshops in Cape Town, South Africa where the business began, and in the United Kingdom, where Andrew grew up and they now live with their family – taking his journey and love of wood full circle back to his roots in Devon.

With an engineering background and love of the sea, Andrew found his passion for working with wood on classic yachts in the Mediterranean. He honed his skills at Rowden Atelier where he learnt the fine art of furniture making and his interest in design began.

Today, Andrew heads the team and workshops, alongside designing all of our collections and bespoke commissions. Susie manages client communications and business development. Andrew’s style of furniture embodies a deep love and understanding of the intricacies and diversity of wood, and embraces the hand-crafted nature of joinery. His passion for craftsmanship and eye for detail is instilled in each maker who undergo a rigorous apprenticeship with us, ensuring his commitments to quality and craft are embedded in every piece of furniture we make.

Our team has been taught and guided by Andrew over the last 10 years, many of whom have been with us since our story began. We invest 2 years into initial apprenticeships, but see training as an ongoing and continuous process as we develop new products and push the boundaries of specifications.


We have a responsible and sustainable approach at the heart of our business. We work in an industry that has a direct impact on the environment, so it is our responsibility to make sure that our impact is a positive one — not only for the sake of our business, but the planet we live on. Sustainability isn’t a destination but a process of learning and improving, which we take to heart in our work.

– We only use select hardwoods from sustainably managed forests
– We only use natural oil finishes and water based glues
– We are close to creating a zero carbon footprint in our workshops
– We manage our wood waste by composting it, adding it back into the natural life cycle 

If you would like to learn more about us, have an enquiry about any of our Collection products, would like to commission a bespoke project please get in touch.


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