November 2, 2020  |  

Frazer Parfum Bok

Tammy Frazer is a well-known South African based parfumer, whose grandfather created Oil of Olay. A self respected parfumer in her own right, Tammy runs Frazer Parfums who create thoughtful perfume products that capture the raw earthiness of Africa. Chemical-free and additive-free they are truly unique and intrinsically unlike other fragrances you may have experienced.

In 2017 Tammy created a children’s fragrance called BOK – Afrikaans for buck, using pure and natural African plant based ingredients. The buck is reflected in the logo and embodies the brand story. Tammy commissioned Andrew Dominic to design and make a life size rocking bok to launch the perfume.

Starting from a hand drawn sketch we created a technical drawing to take dimensions from, then made up a simple block form using traditional woodworking methods from which the end shapes were then hand carved. American Poplar was selected for the wood species for its ease of carving and ability to work with in this sculptural way. Testing the end rocker for the launch party we sat a toddler on it for stability and safety, taking into account the angle of the head and the horns which were designed for children to hold onto.