Siberian Birch Natural

Finish Options

Hardwax Oil

  • water and stain resistant {not waterproof}
  • slight sheen, dulling down to matt with time
  • we favour a clear oil for dark timbers & a white oil for light timbers (colour tints optional)

Natural, water base

  • long-lasting waterproof finish
  • available in matt / satin / high gloss
  • we recommend a water-based coating for lighter timbers & solvent-based coating for darker timber

Ebonised Black

  • This is a blackening treatment achieved using a tannin solution, acid solution and black oil
  • For table tops we recommend a final Pu coating to preserve the ebonising treatment

Grey / White / Colour Fume

  • This is a colour treatment achieved using a weaker acid solution and tinted oil
  • Same treatment for white fuming furniture

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