All our furniture is customisable and made to order in solid timber from sustainably managed forests in Europe and North America. We are happy to colour match, advise and offer alternative timbers on request. When it comes to seating, we offer upholstery in knitted Velvets, textured Linen, Bamboo blends or fabric of your choice. For leather we work in all colours but prefer the timeless shades of hazelnut, toffee, latte or matt black. Samples can be requested upon placing a furniture order.

Finish Options

Hardwax Oil

  • water and stain resistant {not waterproof}
  • slight sheen, dulling down to matt with time
  • we favour a clear oil for dark timbers & a white oil for light timbers (colour tints optional)

Natural, water base

  • long-lasting waterproof finish
  • available in matt / satin / high gloss
  • we recommend a water-based coating for lighter timbers & solvent-based coating for darker timber

Ebonised Black

  • This is a blackening treatment achieved using a tannin solution, acid solution and black oil
  • For table tops we recommend a final Pu coating to preserve the ebonising treatment

Grey / White / Colour Fume

  • This is a colour treatment achieved using a weaker acid solution and tinted oil
  • Same treatment for white fuming furniture

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Care & Maintenance

All timber with an oiled finish:

  • We recommend using only a damp cloth, with a weak detergent if necessary
  • A maintenance oil can be used when the piece begin to look dry. Apply the oil evenly with brush or cloth, and after a few minutes buff with clean cotton cloth
  • Small dents & scratches can be ‘lifted’ with steam from a damp cloth and hot iron. This steamed area can then appear more matt. Sand lightly with 320 grit then re-oil
  • WARNING – Oil soaked cloths must be left outside to dry for 12 hrs before disposing into the dustbin. Risk of spontaneous combustion is very real.

All timber with a water base Pu coating:

  • We recommend cleaning with damp cloth and detergent
  • These pieces do not need a special product. A maintenance oil can be used to bring back a slight sheen