October 30, 2020  |  Case Studies

Watkins Bar Stool

Brief – The high end bespoke kitchen company Cabinet Works, approached us with a client that loved our Draper Stools but wanted an oversized , generous chair version for their personal whiskey bar. The client’s specific upholstery requirements were undertaken by their yacht upholsterers, and the result was the Watkins Barstool.

Execution – The challenge was to upscale and adjust our slender Draper Stool to support a full size “seat tub” that had to be shaped to include arm rests. The size of the seat required some major engineering modifications to our standard bronze bush arrangement. For this we designed and fabricated a steel post threaded onto a steel plate with bronze collar, which connected through our cross laminated Draper heart component with two thrust bearings. The solid walnut timber legs were upscaled to a final seat height of 850mm.